Congressman Richard E. Neal Advertises in Berkshire County


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Continues Introducing Himself to Voters

  (SPRINGFIELD) Congressman Richard E. Neal recently began T.V. advertising in Berkshire County as he continues to have a regular presence throughout the 87 communities in the new First Congressional District.

“I have been a fixture in Berkshire County over the past several months visiting with thousands of people,” said Neal. “However, I know there are still voters who have been unable to attend one of my public appearances. I wanted to use these ads to introduce myself.”

Of the three ads, two consist of Neal speaking with voters outside of familiar locations that are staples to the people Berkshire County. The third is a personal testimony to Neal’s upbringing. Detailing how Neal and his two younger sisters were raised by an aunt and a grandmother with Social Security survivor benefits after both of his parents passed away, Berkshire County voters get a glimpse of Neal’s roots. One aspect of Social Security allows for children of parents who passed away to collect the benefits their parents paid into the system.

“We lived together as a family,” said Neal of the households that included his two younger sisters and his aunt and grandmother. “Like many hard working people across Berkshire County we simply wanted a chance.”

Always keeping in mind the circumstances in which he and his sisters were raised, Neal developed his core Democratic values at a young age- and has maintained them in Congress

“Social Security gave me the opportunity to go to college and lay the foundation to get where I am today,” said Neal. “That is why I am Congress’ strongest advocate for preserving and protecting Social Security.”

When President George W. Bush attempted to privatize Social Security and transfer the funds to Wall Street, Neal was tapped by the Democratic leadership to travel the country debating Bush’s proposal, a debate which Neal won.

“Imagine what would have happened if we turned the Social Security trust fund over to Wall Street,” said Neal.

Neal will continue visiting Berkshire County while keeping his rigorous travel schedule and legislative work in Washington D.C.

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