Re-elect Neal to Congress


Printed in the Blackstone Valley Tribune:

To the Editor:
Although our democratic system is battered
and scarred, it is still the best process in
the world.
When we elect someone to represent us in
this system, it is our opportunity to give ourselves
the best representation we can. Are we
going to vote for someone who is paid to campaign
with someone else’s outside, special
interest money? Or for someone who has only
his or her own personal and financial agenda
to fulfill? Or will you vote with me to return
the person who understands how Social
Security works to provide some level of
income and security to our senior citizens
and disabled so they don’t have to live in
abject poverty? Congressman Richard Neal
works for us now and will continue to work to
ensure that Social Security isn’t privatized
and left to the boom and bust cycles of Wall
Street, where a person’s savings can disappear
at the hint of a rumor.
And Neal, as our representative to the
United States Congress, will continue to work
to generate and keep jobs here in America for
you and your children. He won’t support
efforts to continue to allow jobs to bleed out of
this country to cheap, unregulated overseas
markets where profits are pocketed tax-free.
In the Blackstone River Valley,
Congressman Neal has been a true partner in
the efforts to build our economy on a multicolumned
foundation that includes celebrating
the preservation of the most amazing
industrial transformation in American history
alongside laws that protect our environment
for our children’s children. He has also
helped us secure funding for a new fire truck
in Douglas and brought federal dollars to our
communities to help us build strong, secure
That’s why I will vote to re-elect Richard
Neal to Congress. And you know what? You
should, too.

Paid for and Authorized by the Neal for Congress Committee
Richard E. Neal for Congress Committee, Treasurer Michael F. Hall

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